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Suggested Sewing Features (Very Helpful)

  1. Walking foot (built in is easiest)

  2. Adjustable needle positioning

  3. Stitch adjustments memory to easily recall what works best for straight, zig-zag, blanket stitches, etc.

  4. Presser foot pressure adjustment. (Best if it’s “by the number” so you can get good results every time)

  5. Not essential, but very  helpfull: needle position up or down; you choose, it happens! Side benefit the needle never un-threads when you start the next seam!!



Luxury Fur Tips

  • Use serrated scissors

  • Vacuum each edge after cutting

  • Serge or zig-zag legs and arms then sew as for cuddle fabric

  • For head and body serge or zig-zag the neck openings only – straight edge then 2 together

  • Baste on the arms and legs with longer stitch length (Approx. 3mm)

  • Cheeks – cut a liner 1/8” smaller – Sew Right Sides Together leaving opening to turn and stuff a little

  • Reinforce Eye holes with fusible webbing

  • Bunny tail: like a “yo-yo” gather with serger, long sewing machine stitch or by hand

  • Attach the tail cheeks using a curved by hand

  • Fill the body with weighted and alternate with fiber fill as desired. Use a funnel and a friend to help.




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