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Download Your Quilted Travel Tote Instruction Here

Extra Tips

Free-Motion Quilting

For the best results your machine needs:

  1. A nice long throat space always makes free motion easier. Measure what you have, and consider getting something bigger!

  2. Ability to drop the feed dogs.

  3. Stitch regulated by laser (Bernina BSR)

  4. Variable speed control (besides the foot pedal) so you can choose a comfortable speed and “floor it”.

  5. Needle stop up or down, you choose. Whenever you stop, let the needle automatically stop down to hold your place.




Considering a New Machine?

No matter which machine you choose here at Sew-Creative we have prices and “terms” to work with any budget. We also have a very limited supply of late or current model machines (with BSR) which came back when someone traded up.

If you are interested please come by or call Sew-Creative at 509-663-5516.                                                                                                 Yours for Happy Sewing! - Karen