At Sew-Creative our Team isn't just a team of great employees, they are family too!  And a bunch of really creative and talented folks who are very skilled at what they do! Better yet, they love helping you! With over 100 years of combined experience our team of industry experts specialize in personalized customer service experiences built on the most current and up to date product knowledge and training for all of our sewing machines and vacuums.

Meet The Sew-Creative Team

Karen Weaver

Job Title: President, Sales, Education, Fabric buyer

Karen has been with Sew-Creative since the very beginning in the spring of 1977. She has a B.A. in English and education from Seattle Pacific University. “I caught the love of sewing and creating from my mom who was a skilled tailor and dressmaker, teaching at the University of Washington. My classes began at the age of 12 when I made my first dress.” She has taken countless classes and trainings on both the art of sewing and skill development for both Bernina and Babylock. Outside of work a lifelong love of music gave her opportunities in church choirs, the British Brass Band, Wenatchee Valley Symphony and currently, the Wenatchee Big Band where she plays 2nd Trombone. She loves any activity that includes water: swimming, rowing, or sailing, she is in! She has also been brushing up on her dancing skills in Waltz, Swing, Salsa and Western. If she is not in her garden, she may be reading a good mystery novel or biking/walking the neighborhood. She loves to travel. She and Les have really enjoyed taking cruises over the years. She is the proud mom of 3 daughters and 2 sons and is now a grandma of 4 dear ones.

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Les Weaver

Name:  Les Weaver

Job Title:  Team Cheerleader/Facilitator/Corp. Secretary-Treasurer

How long have you been at Sew-Creative:  44 years (Since 1977)

Education:  BA English, Seattle Pacific University

Background in your job:  Initially mentored in sewing machine service and maintenance by the late Howard Wolf (East Wenatchee), continuing with ongoing factory service clinics and industry business training almost yearly until recently when much of the training has become web-based and virtual.  I’ve been involved with the management of Sew-Creative since the beginning (April 1977) including several permutations through the years (ceiling fans, microwave oven sales and service, vacuum cleaners, central vacuum systems, bread bakeries, fabric).  My personal business goal is for every customer to have a truly exceptional shopping and/or service experience whenever they visit Sew-Creative.

Hobbies:  I enjoy reading a lot, which is good because neuropathy has slowed me down a bit.  Recent favorites include “Unoffendable,” “Blessed Are The Misfits,” and “The Truth About Us” by Brant Hansen, anything by Bob Goff, Brennan Manning, or John and Staci Eldredge.  “Why We Get Sick” (introduced to Karen and I by former employee Lisa McElroy) by metabolic scientist Dr. Benjamin Bikman is a real eye-opener in regard to our modern “plagues of prosperity.”  And I have discovered that, for me, simply reading The Message translation of the Bible aloud (to myself or others) is immensely enjoyable.  It engages my mind while allowing me to pull out of the fast lane of life.

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Jerry Lyon - JJ

Job Title: Senior Sewing Machine Tech

Jerry has been with Sew-Creative since 2003! After high school Jerry spent 6 years as a Steam Machine Tech in the U.S. Navy and 2 years at the JM Perry Tech School. Not only does he bring his 17 years of experience to the Wenatchee Valley, but he has also taken multiple Tech classes with both Babylock and Bernina. Outside of work you will find him playing his guitar and singing, restoring cars and out on the shooting range.

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Jason C. Rolfs

Job Titles: Service Manager, Lead Service Technician, Sales


Jason has been with Sew-Creative since September 2017. He has a B.S. in materials science and engineering, and has worked previously at manufacturing businesses in the area. He was born and raised in Chelan, and has lived in the Wenatchee Valley since college graduation. You may have seen him in many Sew-Creative videos, or on stage in one of several Music Theatre of Wenatchee productions. He has used the sewing skills he has acquired since starting work at Sew-Creative to make gifts for his family. Outside of work he likes camping, watching and/or participating in sports, and spending time with his family and friends.

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David Bussert

David Bussert
Job Title: Vacuum Guru/ Central Vacuum Guru
David has been with Sew-Creative since 2010. He spent 3 years in the Army as a trucker and
cross trained as a mechanic and aviation fueler. He is VDTA trained on central vacuums and
vacuum repairs. Outside of work you will find him riding his motorcycle, gardening, hunting,
fishing, and mushroom hunting, raising poultry and cooking.

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Kathy Schimer

Job Title: Sales/Fabric Specialist/Teacher

Kathy has been with Sew-Creative since 2016. First as a customer and then as an employee. She has a B.A. in social Science/history and a masters in education, having taught for 20 years in Southern California. She also has one year of fashion design and pattern drafting, which makes her one of our great classroom teachers. She has been sewing for over 50 years starting with making her own clothes in junior high and high school. She spent 3 years doing retail clothing alterations and has even sewn drapes commercially. Currently, she is a seamstress for Musikkapelle Leavenworth, which is a 25-piece German Band. “I work on authentic deer skin Lederhosen and have the best sewing machine for that task!” If she is not sewing you can find her gardening or reading.

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Timothy Miller

Job Title: Vacuum Sales/Repair, A.V. and multi-hat mad man

Tim has been with Sew-Creative for 4 years as of 2021. He graduated from Cashmere HS and has a year of college along with many vacuum tech classes. Besides being at Sew-Creative, Tim has been in some form of custodial work or sale leadership role for 18 years. This includes time at Staples, Central Washington Hospital, and the Cashmere School District. Outside of work he enjoys leather work and is a recording artist in vocals, guitar, bass, drums, lyrics and more. “I paint, make YouTube videos, and I am currently writing a book (a series hopefully).”


Emily Geisler

Job Title: Creative Director, Digital Marketing Gal, Website Creator

Emily has been with Sew-Creative since October 2018! With an extensive background in both advertising and sewing and clothing design she loves bringing her skills to the Sew-Creative Table. Her costume and clothing design has been featured on PBS and around the country & world!

Emily enjoys traveling, sewing & pursuing a variety of entrepreneurial goals. 

Matt Law

Job Title: Sewing Machine Tech


Matt has been with Sew-Creative since Fall of 2019. He is a current CNA/LMT and does freelance skiing and snowboarding instruction. Sew-Creative has had the privilege to teach him everything he knows about sewing machine repair and he continues to grow in his job. Outside of work you can find him on the ski slopes or on a surfboard. He also enjoys bird watching, chess and Scrabble. You may even see him at one of our local wine events.

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Candace Hansen

Job Title: Sewing sales/orders/teacher/fabric consultant/Social Media

Candace has been with Sew-Creative since April 2020. She is a graduate of Wenatchee HS and has degrees in history and education from Whitworth University. Candace comes from a long line of seamstresses. Her Great-Grandmother was a seamstress and a millinery. Her mother is a professional seamstress so she grew up sewing almost as soon as she could walk and learned quilting from her aunt. She taught for 9 years in the public school system before she transitioned back into retail. Outside of work Candace is a member of Columbia Choral. And if she is not sewing or singing you can find her curled up with a book and her dog as she has an extensive home library. She also Volunteers with Washington Special Olympics and has been part of the Game Management Team for the Winter Games held in the Wenatchee area since 2010.

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Theresa Butler

Job Title: Sewing Machine Tech

Teresa has been with Sew-Creative since Spring of 2020. She has been sewing for over 40 years and loves to not only sew, but be able to fix the machines that she is using. She is an ASL interpreter and also has a certificate for Braille. Outside of work she loves all crafts, solving puzzles, camping, and is even learning to play the Ukulele! “I love learning new things when I can!”


Sid the Spid

Sid The Spid

Job Title: Customer Relations / Employee Moral/ Store Mascot


Sid has been with Sew-creative longer than we want to know about. He has a PhD in Entomology and the school of hard knocks. Sid has been sewing for years and his specialty is fly catchers. Currently he is not a fan of vacuums. His hobbies include lurking in corners, causing mischief, entomophagy and watching gangster movies.