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A Sticky Solution

Updated: Apr 2

For over a decade now, I have enjoyed using a variety of products from DIME (Designs in Machine Embroidery). Several years ago I purchased a Snap Hoop magnetic frame, and it still serves me well. It has multiple uses, one of which is hooping a Stick & Tear or Stick & Wash-Away stabilizer.

Here you can see the difference in how the sticky stabilizer looks in a standard machine 5x7 hoop (on the left) and in the DIME 5x7 snap hoop (on the right). I found it so much easier to work with the Snap Hoop when cutting and trimming around all the edges of an applique design because the stiff paper (like freezer paper) is able to lay flat along with most anything I hoop.

Recently, I was introduced to DIME's newest hoop. I didn't think that hooping sticky stabilizer could get any easier than in my Snap Hoop- then I learned about and purchased the new DIME Sticky Hoop!

At present, DIME Sticky Hoops are available for Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina, Husqvarna-Viking, and Janome.

Brother and Baby Lock come in three sizes: 6x10, 5x7, and 4x4.

Even better, they are offered at a much lower price point than the magnetic hoops, as they are designed specifically for use with sticky stabilizer and do not need the magnetic ring.

For the projects I am working on, I decided initially to go with the largest hoop size. It gave me enough room to combine smaller patterns into one hooping or hoop the larger blocks with ease.

In this comparison of a 5x7 Snap Hoop (on the left) and a 5x7 Sticky Hoop (on the right), both have the sticky stabilizer attached.

The Sticky Hoop is ready to go, however the Snap Hoop (like the standard machine hoops) need to have the protective paper removed.

You do this by gently "scoring" the top paper, being careful not to pierce the stabilizer. I typically drag a pin, or a stiletto at an angle around the area I want to use.

Once it is scored, carefully peel back the protective paper to expose the sticky stabilizer and you are ready to go!

Here is a comparison of the back side of the Snap and Sticky Hoops. The New Sticky Hoop comes with 25 pre-cut to fit sheets of Stick Tear-Away stabilizer- so there is no waste. You can purchase more pre-cuts, or cut more from a roll.

The Sticky Hoop is designed to have the stabilizer attached to the underside of the hoop, whereas the Snap Hoop has felt strips to allow it to glide on your embroidery unit. DO NOT apply sticky stabilizer to a Snap Hoop as the adhesive will stick to the felt pads and could make it very difficult to use the hoop properly again. As far as any residue left on the back of the Sticky Hoop, it is not necessary to remove all of it as it will be covered over again and again. I just peel off what I can easily remove and apply the next sheet. After over 50 uses, I have not experienced any issues with getting a good contact.

In the next Sandra's Snippets, I will be showing you a couple of easy ways of getting the DIME centering rulers in place.

Until then...


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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