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Does Your Hoop Measure Up?

Updated: Apr 2

Most standard hoops have some indicator, either a raised notch or a printed mark that helps you to place your fabric right where you need it in the hoop. However, for some hoops the raised areas or markings are not as visible as we might prefer. The DIME hoops do not come with these indicators, but they do come with 4 easy to read adhesive centering rulers that you can apply.

Knowing how to apply them onto your hoop in order to give you the best results in aligning your project is really important.

There are a few ways to help you get the centering rulers placed and DIME includes two in their directions. Even if you don't have a DIME hoop at this time, but you have hoops that could use better markings, these methods might help. I have used the same principle of marking on some of my standard hoops where I wanted a better visual for placement. Getting things centered is wonderful, but adding a few extra marks to denote the edge of the stitch area has helped me out on a few projects where I barely had enough fabric. It's a simple way to see things when you are in a pinch!

DIME has a free crosshair design on their website that you can download and send to your machine (directions to locate it and how to place the rulers on are included with the hoop).

The following directions are for the DIME Sticky Hoop; however, the basics of finding the center can apply to any hoop.

You want to begin by placing a sheet of Stick Tear-Away stabilizer on the back of your hoop. (I left it in place after I applied the rulers and used it for my next project.)

Load the crosshair design (mentioned above) into your machine and stitch directly onto the stabilizer.

It helps to use a darker thread to easily see the crosshairs.

Carefully remove the hoop from your machine and place it on a mat or other flat surface.

You will need a ruler that will extend at least to the outside edge of the frame, a pen or thin line marker, and the included centering rulers. If you don't have centering rulers to apply, you can use the fine line marker instead of a pen to mark the increments you would like to see on your hoop.

(Please note I have the rulers already attached in some of the photos below.)

Mark both the top and the bottom edges of the hoop by aligning your ruler using the vertical crosshair line.

Next, using the horizontal crosshair line mark the edges of both sides of the hoop.

If you wish to just use a grid, that works too!

Align the hoop on a grid (using the grid as your crosshairs).

Use your ruler in the same way as above, marking all four edges.

Once you have your centers marked on all four sides,

it is time to apply the centering rulers.

Now you just peel off the backing of the centering rulers and carefully lay the adhesive side to the metal frame. Finger press to smooth them down and repeat the process until you have all the centering rulers attached.

Having clear and accurate markings will assist you in getting every project placed just right, whether you add markings to an existing hoop or apply stickers.

I hope you will find how helpful it is to have your hoops work for you!


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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