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Finishing Touch Notions

This is the Fabric Folding Pen by Clover. Simply put- it's genious!

The Fabric Folding Pen makes folding your fabric easy. It works great with patchwork, quilting, machine embroidery projects (like the zipper bag shown below), as well with other sewing projects.

It works by adding water and a couple of drops of the solution into the pen, and then drawing along the area in which you want to lay flat.

Where you apply the tip of the pen, the fabric relaxes and becomes easy to fold. Any crease or hem you want to make can be now be done without the use of an iron. When it dries, it disappears as if it was never there.

I use the pen most when I am doing my In-the-Hoop machine embroidery when I can't get an iron safely within my hoop. Truly, no crisp fold is worth the price of a hoop!

I really appreciate the results the Fabric Folding Pen gives me!

Another Clover product is the "Point 2 Point Turner". Since I'm a lefty, I always appreciate a tool that is comfortable for either hand. It turns points beautifully and is perfect for point turning, detail work, pressing seams. and marking fabric.

The "Hera Marker" end is used for marking/creasing on applique and reverse applique, making this tool very versatile.

I used the folding pen during the assembly of this sweet candy corn coaster and then the turner to get the nice square corners.

Even with the batting in this little quilted coaster, I was able to get the corners pointed!

Smiles, Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC InspiredRemnants@gmail.com

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