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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Updated: Mar 17

I had a blast from the past when I started looking through my crafting books and files for a little inspiration for St. Patrick's Day!

I wanted to do a little something to decorate the table, when I came across my file Napkin Folding for Holidays, and knew that would be just perfect. When I looked at the directions for folding a square napkin into a four leaf clover, it brought back a sweet childhood memory.

Did you ever make a Cootie Catcher? I still remember sitting in my elementary school classroom when my teacher showed us how to do Origami. She displayed birds, flowers, and frogs that could really jump! It was so fascinating, and of course, we all wanted to give it a try. She started us out with something basic- the Cootie Catcher (also known as a Fortune Teller).

I think there are a couple reasons for the interesting names. The Fortune Teller was for the game that most of the girls played. A favorite color or item was written on each of the four the outermost areas, then perhaps numbers or colors that you could pick from, each time you would spell or count as you open and close the points together by using your fingers to manipulate the paper. Finally, you would unfold the inner flap to reveal your fortune - usually the name of the boy you would marry or catch cooties from! The other explanation of the name Cootie Catcher is that it can be held like a pincher to grab insects, and I think that's what most of the boys used them for anyway.

March being the National Month of Crafting, I made the sample above that has several craft options. No matter what I chose, I kept getting the same message under the flaps that stated "go shopping"- very curious!

This Four-Leaf Clover napkin is created by folding the fabric in the same way that you would begin folding the "Cootie Catcher".

I used a cotton fat quarter and cut it into about an 18" square, hemmed the edges, and then pressed after I spritzed it with Best Press.

Bring all four corners into the center and press.

Flip it over.

Once more, bring in all four corners to the center, and press.

Begin at one point by grasping the edges with one hand, while pulling up slightly on the back flap. Shape as desired and repeat for the other three points. Once you have nestled each corner as desired, you can complete the look by placing a button or a gold candy coin in the center where the points meet.

I love using my napkins as a way to decorate the table! It's easy, useful, and reusable too.

For more inspiration, there are lots videos and instructions on the internet where you can learn more about all the amazing ways you can fold a napkin for holidays and special occasions.



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