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Inspired by Embroidery on Paper- Making Keepsakes

This year I have a goal of making and sending cards to friends and family, organizing my box of recipes, and working on sorting out the boxes of photos and getting them into albums.

I was inspired late last year to make cards when I attended a virtual event and made this beautiful poinsettia card. I think what was so different about this style, is the use of the watercolor pencils and blending brush. Adding the watercolor is so easy and enjoyable! The beauty of making these and then adding your own touch gives you the ability to make each card personal- picking colors that suit the recipient and occasion. No rules, as you are the artist - so relax and create! I do have some tips and tricks that I learned along the way and will share them with you in my next blog.

This exclusive Kimberbell design introduced the "Embroidered Cards: Watercolor Wishes" KD565. It has a nice variety of 10 designs for special occasions like: baby, dad, party, and hearts. This design pack also includes printable inserts that are used to cover the back of your stitch work giving it a nice finished look.

Note: Packs of watercolor cards with envelopes (available in two different sizes) as well as the pencil/blending brush set are sold separately.

After stitching out the card above, I remembered having a similar design pack from Dakota Collectibles. "Everyday Expressions" 970437 features 20 designs in two styles. One option is stitching thread outlines that you can fill in with watercolors (just like the technique above) or use the second option that fills the design in with an airy thread painted stitch. This design pack appealed to the scrapbooking and crafting side of me. I stitched the sweet little "Bird on Branch", using the second option, on some cardstock and framed it.

All of the designs I am featuring here are specially digitized to stich out beautifully

on cardstock, however they can be stitched out on fabric as well! Because these designs have a lighter stitch count, they can be versatile.

I used the Butterfly design on a lightweight canvas gardening apron. Since the apron was already stiff, I didn't want to add anymore stiffness to it. So, this was perfect!

This design pack also features holiday and special events like the birthday cake and balloons on the right. The thread painted stitches give it a whimsical and crafty look.

Anita Goodesign also has "Embroidered Holiday Cards" that have an interesting element. This design set includes using applique and adding embellishments. These all begin with a digitized stitch specifically for paper. Some of the designs have an applique element for additional texture. Craft felt is perfect for these cards as it will not be washed and is lightweight.

You can take it one step further and add little embellishments to decorate your tree.

Another fun collection from Dakota Collectibles is "Recipe Cards" F70513. It has 15 designs that cover everything from main dishes to desserts. These make the sweetest gifts! I delivered the baked good, that included the stitched card with my hand written recipe, to a friend! She was delighted! I plan on making a few dozen of these for my favorite go-to recipes and for gifting, but the rest of the recipes in my box will be placed in a note book with these as the dividers.

As for the boxes of photos, I would need a lifetime to make pages for each photo!

Instead of that, I will be making scrapbooking pages for special events and milestones, and the rest will be placed into albums...and that is a goal I can reach.

By using designs that are specially digitized for stitching on paper, you can bring a whole new element to greeting cards, recipe books, and scrapbooking. Ask your dealer to help you find some designs to inspire you!


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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