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  • Sandra Lynn

It's Time to FALL in Love with Sewing Again!

Hello Everyone!

Last month was National Sewing Month, and I am sure by now you have seen all the products that were released…Everything from sewing and embroidery machines, designs, patterns, tools, and more. This is an exciting time in the sewing world and the creativity is flowing. You probably guessed that one of my favorite things about this time of year is seeing all the fresh ideas that inspire me to SEW!

Looking at all the ads reminded me of how excited I was when I bought my machine and why I chose it. One of my favorite things about my sewing machine is the variety of décor stitches. So, looking at them again and thinking about what I can incorporate into a seasonal throw pillow or table runner brings back that excitement into my sewing. It usually leads me to pulling out the accessories and trying a cording, hemming, or other specialty foot for that unique finish!

Another thing that inspires me is seeing all the new embroidery designs displayed. Can you really have too many designs? If so, I don’t think I have hit my limit! Currently, my favorite kind of embroidery to stitch is “In-the-Hoop” -and they have some cute designs this season! But more on that next time….



Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC