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Hindsight's 2020...Looking Forward to 2021

Updated: Jan 4

Looking back at 2020, I don't think any of us could have imagined what we would experience during this upside down and crazy year!

My sewing room has seen a wide range of emotions, projects I never thought I would be making, along with finding new ways of learning and sharing with others. Most days it has been a place to just sit and pray; it has been a place to focus on my faith in God, and it is a place of hope -even if I didn't feel it sometimes.

God is faithful! We made it through this year...now let's get ready for 2021!

I made this hanging several years ago while at a sewing retreat. I loved the sentiment because as organized as I am, when I am working on a project (or three at a time) my sewing space gets messy. I've said for years that sewing and creating have been my therapy, and this year my sewing room has proved to be very therapeutic. Between sewing masks, focusing on positive things while quilting, and stitching love into embroidered gifts, it all helped me to keep going this year. Like many of you, I found myself learning on Zoom and Facebook Live. For most of us, it was the only choice to having an opportunity to see our sewing friends, keep in touch with our local shops, or relieve us from the isolation of having to stay home. There were a few giggles as we tried to figure out how to turn on and off the camera, not have others looking up our noses, and learning how the ever important MUTE button is! I did listen to quite a few classes while I was in a lift while painting my house this summer. Luckily, no one I ever took classes with took the Zoom call into the bathroom with them. EEK! Back to sewing...

After completing my plethora of projects, I tidy up and put things away, but as time goes on the shelves and bins fill up with leftover fabrics and notions and get a bit cluttered.

Now that my holiday sewing is done, it's time to give it a good cleaning and reorganizing treatment.

Another form of therapy for me is organizing. Sometimes, it just helps me to see what I have to work with and other times it inspires me to create again. In any event, it always feels good to have everything organized!

I do have a fondness for labeling almost everything! Even though the drawers are clear, there are times when the contents can be difficult to see (as in just seeing the end of a tube, since different products come in the same style of tube). The label on the drawer or bin makes it easy to know without having to open the drawer.

Having my notions sorted out also helps me to keep a good inventory of what I have and when I should reorder certain colors or items I don't want to be without. Of course, I love a good sale and take those opportunities to replenish my stock!

Below my cutting table I have a cabinet with several pull out bins. I use these bins to put my project requirements together. In each bin I have the fabric, notions, pattern, thread, and anything else that is necessary to complete that project. Not only does it help keep everything together and the clutter to a minimum (as I often work on several projects at a time), but I don't have to hunt around for anything when I go to work on that project! Give it a try (with or without labels)!

Yes, 2020 has been a year alright, and I am looking forward to 2021 with Faith, Hope, and Love!

I am truly thankful for God's grace and provision, faithful family and friends, hope of the future, and the love of sewing- and I am so very thankful to do what I do!

I pray we can all Sew Some Love Together in 2021!



Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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