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LOVE-ly Mug Rugs

One of my favorite gifts to make others is a Mug Rug.

The name doesn't do it justice, as I hardly think it looks like a rug. There are some very basic patterns that can be stitched on a sewing machine as well as in-the-hoop embroidery machine patterns like these.

Whatever you decide to make, the fun is really in the choices of fabrics and embellishments. From themed fabrics that say holiday or special occasion to fabrics that coordinate with room décor or favorite colors, you can make each one unique. I save all my remnants of batting and fabric for these kinds of projects. Everything from coasters, mug rugs, pot holders, hot pads to placemats are all great projects to utilize small to large remnants.

A simple pattern to make on a standard sewing machine would consist of a top and bottom fabric (you could even make it reversible) and a piece of batting. Just sew a simple "sandwich" with a raw edge or binding, either way will serve the utility purpose. Most machines have some kind of décor stitch, even your basic zig-zag stitch could add a bit of pizzazz in top stitching/quilting the pieces together. These are fun projects to sample or try out some of the stitch choices you might normally not use or have ever tried. Have fun and be creative!

If machine embroidery is your thing, then you could check out all the in-the-hoop designs out there. The two styles pictured here are Kimberbell Mug Rugs (vol 1 & 3). There are a lot of choices available. Look around and find one that has some options and versatility. Choose a design pack that you would want to make over and over again, but most of all- it should make you smile.

With a few edits in your machine, you can add even more personalization to your design with a name or other sentiment.

Enjoy whatever you create for yourself and for others- and they are sure to enjoy it too!


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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