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Updated: Jan 16

The month of February has always been a special time. For me, Valentine's Day is all month long...I love the hearts, yummy chocolates, all of the beautiful shades of pink, and making sweet gifts for family and friends. No matter what you think of February 14th, whether it be... "Valentine's Day", "GALentine's Day", or "Singles Awareness Day", it's a time to share with someone you care about.

When my kids were wee little, they thought it was cute to banter back and forth when we were saying good night. We would say, "I love you" and then we would say "I love you more" ...and back and forth it would go. It was a perfect Win-Win!

So, it is no surprise that when I saw this Bench Buddy pillow by Kimberbell, it was obvious that it was going to be the gift I will be giving this week! I began by customizing each pillow with the colors for each recipient. Instead of going with just the traditional reds and pinks, I also picked their favorites. By doing this, each one became an accent piece that they can choose to have out year round. Even changing the original pattern from a pillow to a hanging, or even a zipper pouch is an easy way to make the gift more versatile. This pattern also has a unique twist, in that it has vinyl stitched over the heart. You have options of adding a "confetti" and I toyed with using glitter from my scrapbook supplies. Just for fun, I used some glow-in-the-dark glitter in one of them. I do hope you will enjoy creating and sharing your "Love" with friends and family, not just on Valentine's Day, but all year long!

One other way to show your love this month, is to the machine you enjoy using so much. Make sure that you do your very important in-home machine maintenance. Remember to put in fresh needles, too! Don't wait for them to tell you they need to be changed- by hearing a popping sound going in and out of the fabric or just breaking. It only takes a few minutes and will keep things running along smoothly in between the recommended yearly shop maintenance and cleanings.


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