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March is National Quilting and Crafting Month

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Hello Everyone! As I am sure you have probably heard by now, today is also National Quilting Day!

It's a good thing to focus on an uplifting activity. We have a wonderful opportunity to make a memory each time we sit down to create. I find it to be very therapeutic and relaxing to make something special- for a gift or for my home.

When it comes to quilting, it has been an interesting adventure. I was so intimidated by intricately pieced quilts with the even more intricate quilting...and I wasn't seeing how any of that could be relaxing. Taking perfectly good fabric and cutting it up into puzzle piece sizes and sewing them back together was a bit perplexing. So, for many years I focused on learning other things: machine embroidery, software, serging, and using electronic cutters. It was a wonderful day when I discovered that I could integrate what I was enjoying with basic quilting! It was a very easy and enjoyable transition into learning some basic quilting blocks like windmills and flying geese. Learning the rules as well as in-the-hoop variations along the way was simple too. It was a good beginning many years ago. I have progressed in my quilting, however, I still prefer to integrate embroidery with quilting whenever I can because I love learning new ways to create. Crafting at its best!

I have made a lot of projects over the years, but very few of them have remained in my home. Late last fall I started working on a wall hanging. It was easy to just work on one section at a time. Each block had a different element, so it was interesting and kept me coming back for more. What I love about it is all the dimension and detail. The quilt top is assembled and now awaits the top quilting and the final "free floating" details.

I encourage you to create a memory this month, big or small, intricate or easy!



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