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Make Old Things New Again Part 1

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This is the time of year to put a fresh look into a room or even on a porch. Some projects require little to no sewing, while others use the most basic of sewing skills. It is a beginners DIY joy!

It all started with a chair that was in

desperate need of a recovering. As you can see there was no padding (ouch) and the fabric was so degraded over the last century, it was not a comfortable place for my daughter to sit for hours while doing schoolwork. We just turned it over and discovered we only need a few basic tools to complete the task. It was so easy to do and was the perfect place for us to start.

While shopping for fabric, and notions at a local shop, we were also able to purchase some new foam for the cushion. Below you will see the lovely result that took less than an hour from start to finish. Best of all, the cost to make the dramatic change was less than $15 and well worth every penny!

If you have ever read the book about giving a Mouse a Cookie or a Moose a Muffin, then you probably know what this simple change lead to next.

After placing the chair back in the room we started talking about other things we would like to make in her room, as well as what else could be recovered or refreshed around our home. (More of that in Part 2.)

After looking at where I could start with changes that would be simple to complete, cost effective, and make a big change- I did not have to go too far, it was on my porch. Last year I was able to find a new chair cushion, but finding a replacement for the footstool was nowhere to be found. Why? I discovered it was an odd size and realized that I would need to recover vs. replace. Of course, after seeing the prices ($20-$30) on some of the regular sized replacement cushions, it was an easy decision.

So, after locating a fabric I could use for outdoor use, I went to work using the prior cushion cover as a basic pattern. Once again I had a great result with very little cost (about $5). I was able to make the new matching (odd sized) replacement cover on my sewing machine with just some basic sewing skills! I will be describing more about the way I constructed it in part 2.

I would like to encourage you to start with something small. It can lead to a really big change and give you confidence in sewing and enjoyment in that special place at home.

I hope this INSPIRES you to look for something to make new!



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