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Make Your Mark with a Sweet Heart

February is the month of love, chocolates,

and of course...Hearts! In honor of Valentine's Month, I will be bringing you a few sweet and simple heart-themed project ideas to make and share your love of sewing with others.

This Sweet Heart bookmark can be made out of little snippets of fabric and in just a few minutes. I just love to make these and then place them inside Valentine's Day cards.

To make a basic bookmark, you will need to make two hearts. You can use a cutter (like an AccuQuilt), stencil, or pattern in the shape of a heart or create your own. In this sample, I used 3" hearts. Of course, you can use other materials (vinyl, leather, or felt); however, they are thicker and may be a little too bulky or heavy - but you won't know unless you try.

If you use a lightweight fabric, you can use either a non-starch spray or a lightweight interfacing (in this sample I used Pellon SF101) to add a bit of body to it.

Place wrong sides together and mark your heart as shown.

I used an Air Erase marker.

I prefer not to use chalk as it could transfer onto other surfaces.

Note: The lines should be far enough away from the edge for the final step.

Stitch all the way around the lines from edge to edge. I used a triple stitch to make sure it wouldn't pull apart after trimming the edges. You will probably need to trim a bit from the edges just to make sure they are even.

I like the look of the pinked edge with this print. Have fun and try different combinations of material and finished edges to make each Sweet Heart Bookmark unique.

These can be used on the top corner of a page or the bottom. Either way, it will be a sweet reminder of where you want to begin in your book or where to find your favorite recipe!


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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