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Updated: Jan 16

Hello Everyone and welcome to Sandra’s Snippets! Fall is here and with it brings the busiest sewing and crafting season of the year! For me, summer went by so fast and was very busy indeed, but alas, it was not filled with “Christmas in July” quilting and sewing projects like some of you.

It was, however, full of planning, organizing classes, and preparing projects. It felt so good to be able to get everything planned so I can spend my time enjoying what I love to do- CREATE!

As I was prepping my projects, I was remembering “why” I set up my projects this way.

So, I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite organizational tips this month.

I begin with a “realistic” top ten list of projects that I want to get accomplished for this upcoming season of monthly holidays. I have a bin for each project, so it makes it easy to keep each project together. As I am going through the patterns, directions, and supply lists, I make sure

I have all the needed items to complete each project and make a “shopping list” of anything needed or missing.

Now for my “why” … If you like to sew in the evening as I do, you too might have experienced the frustration of not having enough thread, the right size needle, or the necessary fabric- and realize all the shops are now closed! At that point, the choice is to move on to another project (only to discover another needed item is missing) or pack it all up and try again tomorrow after acquiring the notions and such off the “shopping list”. Oh yes, the “shopping list”…It is also essential to put that “shopping list” in your purse or take a picture of it on your phone, so when you do go to the sewing shop the next day you can gather EVERYTHING you need…”Why”? I think you guessed already.


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