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Quilting with a Digital Dual-Feed System

The Digital Dual-Feed System is different than a walking foot in several ways.

As you can see from the side view, it is quite a bit larger than the basic mechanical walking foot (shown below). The DDF is electronic and plugs in and communicates directly with the sewing machine. The DDF only works on certain models, where the mechanical walking foot will fit on numerous makes and models of machines.

The DDF is belt driven so it keeps a constant contact with your fabric. Unlike the walking foot that uses feed dogs on the upper side which pull the fabrics though at the same rate as the bottom feed dogs, the DDF's belt drive moves the fabric as it glides along giving you consistent stitches. It will keep feeding the fabric evenly with several layers, difficult fabrics, and thicker fabrics giving you great control.

One of my favorite things about the Digital Dual-Feed is that is has several snap-on soles. The optional soles are: an Open Toe, Quarter Inch Sole, Couching sole, and a Stitch-in-the-Ditch sole. It also has available Quilting Bars and Adaptors for both left and right. The soles are easy to snap-on and off and do not require the removal of the system.

My favorite is shown here. As you can see the Stich-in-the-Ditch sole lines up in the ditch and aides me to drop my needle with accuracy.

Because of the even feeding of the fabric, I can stitch with confidence knowing that I won't have any surprises on the back of the quilt where I have sewn perpendicular stitch lines. For me, it is a blessing to have a tool that makes it easy to finish my quilt project!

Smiles, Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC InspiredRemnants@gmail.com

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