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Sew-Creative's Tips for Sewing with Kids

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

It’s summer time and you want to sew! The kids want to Sew with you of course!

I mean who wouldn’t?!

We’ve got some great tips for teaching your little one to sew at home. Of course you are always welcome to sign them up for one of our classes here.

1) Keep it Simple

Start with the basics. One of the first things you should introduce to a child is hand sewing, something as simple as felt hearts or buttons onto fabric. This affords them the opportunity to understand how sewing works. When you are ready to sit down at a machine with them, keep it simple. Start with threading, straight stitch, reverse and lots of patient guidance.

2) Make Fun Projects

A simple pillowcase is an excellent project to start with. When you feel it appropriate, you can progress to projects that pique the child’s curiosity whether it is doll clothes, dog clothes or gifts for others. Let their creativity flow!

3) Practice Makes Perfect

Be sure to have the child repeat the techniques they are learning until it becomes second nature. Keep plenty of scrap fabric around for practicing.

4) Perfection is learned

Mistakes happen and that is totally okay. This is a great time to teach about patience, seam ripping and how to fix something when you mess it up.

5) Safety First

Always be sure to use safety precautions both for yourself and your child. Proper scissor care and pinning protocol is essential to avoid unnecessary injuries.

6) Fabric Preparation

Good sewing involves quality fabric care. Teach your little ones about prewashing, drying and ironing

7) Using the Right machine

The best machine to use should be sturdy with basic stitches. We love our baseline Baby Lock and Bernina models. If you need any help choosing the right machine for your family, we offer classes to help you through the process.

8) Have Fun

Sewing is an excellent learning experience to share with your little ones. Enjoy the quality time and the fun memories for years to come.

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