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Sewing and Sharing Memory Gifts

As we enter into the Thanksgiving season, I am especially thankful for my family and friends. They are truly a blessing!

Last year as I was making "Memory Gifts" for them, I received this from a very dear friend. What a beautiful surprise! Ironically, I was using the same pattern to make some of these mug rugs for others and could have made one for myself, but I couldn't make one for me that would be as special as this one.

I call these types of gifts, "Memory Gifts" because every time I use or see it, I am reminded of the person that created it, along with the treasured memories of the adventures we have had together.

Here is a candle wrap. Instead of just giving a jar style candle, consider making a candle wrap to go along with it. Long after the candle is gone, the wrap can be used over and over on other candles and will last for many years to come.

Often the candle wraps and mug cozies designs are interchangeable, as most designs come in multiple sizes.

Another reason I really like to make these as gifts, is the ability to change the main design and turn it into a name or other personal sentiment. It takes a few extra steps, and a bit more attention when you are making it, but well worth the time.

Of course, the color scheme is up to you as well. I also like to use themed fabrics for special holidays, hobbies, or interests. It can be a lot of fun mixing and matching and coming up with just the right combination.

This is a really sweet mini hanging that I made recently. It was just the right size and perfect for my Autumn décor.

What I enjoyed about making this mini project is the use of glitter sheets for the applique areas. It adds a different texture and just a bit of sparkle (without having the mess of glitter).

The other element I had an opportunity to experiment with is the use of flannel. Again by bringing in the soft texture of the flannel along with the visual look of the glitter, and the sheen of a rayon thread, it is visually appealing (in person- the photo doesn't do it justice).

Enjoy this month by Sewing and Sharing a Memory Gift for someone special and show them how Thankful you are to have them in your life!


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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