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Sewing Through the Looking Glass

As January 2021 is rolling along with most of us still without open classrooms or social events, I want to encourage you to try a few things until we get to return to in-person gatherings. A great place to start is by reading sewing/crafting blogs. If you are just seeking a little inspiration or basic information, sewing blogs can offer a little of both. They might also point you in the right direction in finding more resources you are wanting to explore.

Since last year, we have had to find other ways to keep the creative juice flowing and socialize from our homes. It proved to be a bit challenging at times.

Until recently, many of us have used our computers and phones as a way to correspond with others or view tutorials and how-to videos.

As much as the internet and technology have their issues, there is also a silver lining of living in a world full of technology. It has provided a way to bring us all together. As necessity is the motherhood of invention, becoming inventive with the internet is just what has happened for many small businesses. Most of us are familiar with web-based sewing companies and have probably seen a blog attached to their websites. Some even have pre-recorded tutorials they release regularly. Now many brick and mortar sewing stores are following that path along with finding ways to offer online classes through Zoom and Facebook Live. There were a lot of bumps in the road when live classes were first getting started, but over the last few months with improvements in technology with connectivity, filming techniques, sound, and lighting have improved greatly.

Opportunities to easily chat with others, as well as being able to ask for assistance and post or view photos of the projects have also improved. These virtual classes are great opportunities available right now and are offered by many stores and cover a variety of sewing/crafting topics. If you are uncertain if you would feel comfortable or even enjoy being part of an online class, there are FREE online classes you can take to test it out before paying for one. I believe a benefit to taking a virtual class vs. watching a YouTube video is the opportunity of being able to ask questions and to interact with other participants. Having social interactions, even if it's through a screen, is still better than sitting and watching. It has been fun taking virtual classes with people from all over the world while learning and seeing other ways sewists are doing things. My experiences so far have been very positive and most of the other participants are very encouraging of one another with kind comments and thoughtful suggestions and answers. So, if you are looking for some social interaction, a virtual class might be for you.

Truly, it has become much easier to get connected through the computer, and most places that offer the classes will be more than happy to help walk you through the set up process. Please check with your local dealer and see what they might be offering. They are there because of you and they want to serve and help you to be successful. Now more than ever it is so important to support your local businesses.

I love the opportunity I have to share and inspire others no matter how near or far...and that for me is a blessing of technology.


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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