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Sweet-Heart Sachet

One of my favorite things to make is a sachet! I place them in garment drawers and cupboards where bedding is stored, as well as in closets. They can be filled with many different things like: lavender (as in the sample here), potpourri, rice with essential oils, cedar shavings, and more.

Sachets can be made in many sizes and shapes and embellished with trims, buttons, and ribbons.

Be creative and enjoy making them for yourself and for others!

It is best to use fabrics that are lightly woven or sheer to allow the scent to permeate easily. I chose some organza and some cotton fabric for this project.

You can use a paper template to trace and cut out the shape for your sachet. I used the Accuquilt to cut out my 4" Hearts.

Once you have all of your pieces cut out, you might want to include a ribbon loop to have the option of hanging your sachet. I cut my matching ribbons at 6" in length. This will allow the sachet to be placed on a clothes hanger or a hook.

I chose dried lavender for my filling. After some time, the the lavender can be rejuvenated by massaging the sachet a bit.

I prefer the look of matching thread on the top and bobbin as these are designed to be top-stitched and reversible.

This method of stitching is simple (no turning), quick, and adds to the finished look.

The following steps are shown in the cotton fabric so it is easier to see the construction.

I suggest using a paper tape for this step. It works well as it is low tack and holds things in place, but it is easy to remove.

Secure the ribbon loop down, as shown, with paper tape on the wrong side of the bottom fabric.

I really like to use a triple stitch for both utility and decorative reasons. Utility because it is a strong and secure stitch that reinforces the seam, and decorative because it adds a bit of texture as it lays like a bead of thread on top of the fabric.

Another idea would be to use a decorative or top stitch thread to make it stand out even more.

If you choose a heart shape, start stitching either slightly to the left or right of the cleft. This makes it easier to stitch a nice point when you approach the cleft from the other curve. Stitch slowly at a 1/4" around the edge. I stitched a few stitches at a time, lifting the presser foot and adjusting the fabric slightly, then putting the foot down and repeating the process around the curves.

At the point, lift the presser foot, pivot, and continue stitching about a 1/2"-3/4". Cut the threads and reposition the presser foot leaving an opening of about an 1 1/2" and complete stitching around the remainder of the shape.

After completing the stitching, it is time to fill it with your choice of filling. I used a coiled piece of paper as a funnel to deposit the dried lavender. Be carful to not overfill your sachet.

Once you have filled your sachet, place your presser foot back down and complete the stitch line to close up the sachet.

You can complete the sachet by trimming a little off the edge. On the organza, I trimmed about an 1/8" to make a smooth straight edge. I used pinking shears on the cotton fabric for a decorative finish.

I hope this inspires you to make and enjoy these Sweet-Heart Sachets!


Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC


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