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The Walking Foot - Basics

Since this is national sewing month, I would be remiss if I did not highlight the Walking Foot. This foot is also know as an Even Feed Foot, because it has its own set of feed dogs that work in conjunction with your sewing machine's feed dogs.

Essentially the Walking Foot pulls the top layer of fabric through at the same rate as your machine's feed dogs pull the bottom fabric.

Here you can see the long, white set of feed dogs that will grip the top fabric.

Unlike most feet, the Walking Foot is often referred to as an attachment. After following the manufacturer's directions to attach the Walking Foot, you'll be ready to sew with difficult fabrics, quilts, and more. This foot is designed to work with fabrics that stretch or slip around like silk, velvet, or corduroy and usually without the use of pinning.

This quilt sample is made from two pieces of fabric and a typical layer of batting in the center (also known as a quilt sandwich).

I stitched rows in different directions and then crisscrossed the stitches. As you can see, there are no puckers or ripples. Since working with my Walking Foot for quilting, I have been getting the consistent stitch results on the front and back of my quilts.

When working with plaids, this foot is amazing at matching. I just put a couple of pins in to hold the fabric in place and then stitch my seam. The beautiful result is shown below.

In the next Snippet, I will be showing you some more options and beautiful results you can achieve when using a Walking Foot.

Until then...

Smiles, Sandra of Inspired Remnants LLC InspiredRemnants@gmail.com

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