Join Us for the Sew-Creative Sew Grateful Challenge!

We wanted to do something fun and different this November in the spirit of being thankful and grateful for all of the wonderful blessings we have!

The goal is to flood social media with positivity and thanks AND to earn money to donate to a local Wenatchee Non-Profit of your choice!

Here's how it works. Every day we will post something we are grateful for. The challenge is for you like, comment and share each day, adding in what you are grateful for!

Be sure to use the hashtag #SewGratefulChallenge

At the end of the month we will tally up who liked, commented and shared the most #SewGratefulChallenge posts and the winner will get to choose a local Wenatchee area non-profit that we will donate a percentage of our sales to in their name! 

Stay tuned to our Facebook page to play along! 

Contest begins November 1st, 2020 and ends November 30th, 2020. 

*This contest is not affiliated with or sponsored by

Facebook, Instagram, Google or any other online platform. 

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