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Show Your Fabric Some Love! Sew-Creative Sewing Tip # 0002

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

For this week's tip we wanted to touch upon the importance of fabric care when sewing.

While it may seem obvious to some beginners, not sew much! (See what we did there?!)

We've gathered together for our top tips for fabric care while sewing.

1) Prewash your fabric!

A given for some and mystery for others. Be sure to read the care label on your fabric prior to washing/drying so you don't accidentally ruin it by pre-washing it.

2) Iron your fabric!

Iron those wrinkles out and create a nice flat & smooth surface. Your final result will thank you, we promise! Again, be sure to read the care instructions before ironing and set to the appropriate temperature It would be wise to test a small corner of the fabric prior to ironing.

3) Flatten your fabric & store properly!

Prior to cutting or storing you will want to make sure that your fabric is as flat as possible and devoid of any unwanted wrinkles. For storage we recommend simple flat folding and placing into a Ziplock baggie or an comforter bag This allows you to choose your fabric without disturbing the others. To prevent damage, it is recommended to utilize moth repellent..

We hope you enjoy your fabric collections for years to come!

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